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  1. Access to Documents
2. How to obtain records and information from DNFSB
3. About DNFSB's Information Systems
4. Access under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Access to Documents
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Access to Documents (8K)

How to obtain records and information from DNFSB
There are four ways to obtain records and information:

  1. Visit our Public Reading Room (PRR)
    DNFSB maintains a PRR for the purpose of providing easy access to a substantial portion of the Board's records.
    * Location: 625 Indiana Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
    * Public Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    * Assistance and Resources: Librarians are on hand to assist users in finding documents. A computer terminal is also available to search the Board's public electronic files. Copies can be made on the premises for a nominal charge.

    As a visitor to the PPR, you are entitled to:
    * Access posted Recommendations, notices of meetings, and personnel vacancy announcements.
    * Review any of the 50,000+ documents in the DNFSB Library. The Library staff will provide you with a subject printout covering your areas of interest from which you can make selections for full text.
    * Receive, free of charge, DNFSB's Annual Reports, Recommendations, technical reports, and trip reports. If needed, all other material will be provided to you at minimal cost, using the DNFSB's current Fee Schedule. DNFSB's copying fees are posted on the Internet home page and in the PRR.
    * Expect to be received with courtesy and respect. Knowledgeable staff will be helpful, and we will work with you to help define your areas of interest. You will be helped immediately and will receive service that is responsive to your needs. We strive to provide "same day" research and duplication service for documents currently in our public files.

  2. Access the DNFSB Web site
    This constantly expanding resource provides rapid access to many important Board documents, such as recommendations to the Department of Energy (DOE), annual reports to Congress, and technical studies. Links are provided to many other Web sites at DOE and other locations. Upcoming Board public meetings are posted to this site and in the Federal Register.

  3. Contact DNFSB
    You can make a direct request for documents to DNFSB using e-mail or telephone. See Contact Us for more information.

  4. Get on our mailing list
    You are entitled to be placed on the our mailing list to receive new Board Recommendations, technical reports, Annual Reports to Congress, notices of public meetings, and special announcements.

About DNFSB's Systems of Records
DNFSB maintains eight confidential systems of records. The confidential systems are Privacy Act Systems of Records:

  1. Personnel Security Files
  2. Time and Attendance Records
  3. Drug Testing Program Records
  4. Personnel Files
  5. Personnel Radiation and Beryllium Exposure Files
  6. DNFSB Staff Resume Book
  7. Supervisory Files
  8. Travel, Procurement, and Administrative Files

Access to these systems is controlled by the Privacy Act. The Board's Privacy Act rules are found at 10 CFR 1705.

Link to Privacy Act: Systems of Records Federal Register notice.

Access Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
DNFSB's FOIA rules are found at 10 CFR 1703. These rules, along with the DNFSB's FOIA Reports for FY 1998 through FY 2006, can be accessed from the DNFSB Web site, reviewed in the PRR, or requested by mail from the Board's Information Officer.

We will begin processing your FOIA request immediately upon receipt. Every effort will be made to minimize your cost for the search and to respond well within statutory deadlines. Most document requests are filled within a few days.


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