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Public Documents

bulleted pointPublic Statements
A listing of Policy Statements, Rule Makings and Federal Register Notices.

bulleted pointStatement on Access to Public Documents

bulleted pointRecommendations
Formal sets of recommendations to the Secretary of Energy on health and safety issues for Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities. These 42 sets include 198 specific recommendations.

bulleted pointCorrespondence
Letters and press releases from the Chairman addressing general issues and Site-Specific issues for each of the following locations:

bulleted pointTechnical Reports
Reports by Board Members, staff, and technical experts on DOE defense nuclear sites, facilities, activities, and specific issues.

bulleted pointStaff Issue Reports
Reports addressing Site-Specific issues or general issues that relate to more than one site—usually based on reviews conducted at defense nuclear facilities.

bulleted pointWeekly Site Reps Reports
Reports from Site Reps to Technical Director on new and pending activities.

bulleted pointDOE Orders of Interest
A listing of current DOE Orders of interest to the Board, archived or deleted Orders of interest that may still be cited in existing contracts, and other documents setting forth safety-related requirements.

bulleted pointTechnical Document Log
A listing of incoming correspondence, manuals, reports, and various other documents.

bulleted pointTestimonies, Speeches, and Miscellaneous Items
Board Members' speeches/statements/remarks and miscellaneous items presented at public hearings, meetings, and conferences.

bulleted pointReports to Congress
Annual Reports to Congress, Special Reports to Congress and Strategic Plans & Performance Reports on DNFSB activities.

bulleted pointStrategic Plans & Peformance Reports

Strategic Plans and Performance Reports send to Congress on DNFSB activities.

bulleted pointPublic Meetings
This is a listing of future and past DNFSB Public Meetings including webcasts and online presentations.
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bulleted pointFederal Reports

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