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OSD Military Compensation Web Site  
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The Military has a wide variety of benefits ranging from complete health care to commissary and exchange shopping. A recent GAO review of active duty military benefits noted that when comparing the types of benefits offered by the military with those offered in the private sector, all the core benefits offered by most private sector firms-retirement pay, health care, life insurance, and paid time off-are offered by the military. In fact, the GAO review found that military benefits in some cases exceed those offered by the private sector.

For more detail on the benefits available to active duty, reserve and retired military members, click on Benefits for Service Members, which provides a listing of military benefits and a number of additional useful links.

Also, various benefits calculators are available at the following locations:

Regular Military Compensation: RMC Calculator

Military Retirement: Retirement Calculator

Navy calculator combining RMC, retirement, and estimates of the value of various benefits, such as medical and commissary: Navy Benefits Calculator.

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