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OSD Military Compensation Web Site  
Welcome Pay and Allowanaces Retirement Benefits Survivor Benefits Thrift Savings Plan
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Site Map

Below is an index of all the pages that make up the Military Compensation Web Site. Click on any page title to proceed directly to that topic. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the "Site Map" link found in the gray Navigation box in the left column of every page.

1.0.   Welcome
2.0.   Pay and Allowances
  2.1.0.   Basic Pay
    2.1.1.   Active Duty Pay
    2.1.2.   Reserve Drill Pay
    2.1.3.   Annual Pay Adjustment
    2.1.4.   Frequently Asked Questions
  2.2.0.   Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
  2.3.0.   Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
    2.3.1.   BAH Levels and Increases
    2.3.2.   Different Types of BAH
    2.3.3.   Frequently Asked Questions
  2.4.0.   Tax Advantages
    2.4.1.   Tax-Exempt Allowances
    2.4.2.   Combat Zone Exclusions
  2.5.0.   Regular Military Compensation Calculator
3.0.   Retirement
  3.1.0.   Active Duty Retirement System
    3.1.1.   Which System Applies to You
    3.1.2.   Final Pay Retirement System
    3.1.3.   High-3 Year Average Retirement System
    3.1.4.   CSB/REDUX Retirement System
    3.1.5.   Retirement Choice   The Choice   Comparing Options   Typical Situations   Common Assumptions   O-5 Retiring at 20 Years of Service   O-5 Retiring at 24 Years of Service   O-6 Retiring at 30 Years of Service   W-3 Retiring at 22 Years of Service   E-7 Retiring at 20 Years of Service   E-8 Retiring at 24 Years of Service   E-9 Retiring at 30 Years of Service   Considerations   Summary   Frequently Asked Questions
    3.1.6.   Retirement Calculators   Final Pay Calculator   High-3 Calculator   CSB/REDUX Calculator   Retirement Choice
    3.1.7. COLA    
4.0.   Benefits
5.0.   Survivor Benefits
  5.1.0.   Survivor Benefits Plan
    5.1.1.   Overview of the Survivor Benefit Plan
    5.1.2.   Base Level
    5.1.3.   Costs and Benefits   Spouse Coverage   Former Spouse Coverage   Children Coverage   Spouse (Former Spouse) and Children Coverage   Insurable Interest Coverage
    5.1.4.   Stopping SBP
    5.1.5.   Re-starting SBP
    5.1.6.   Integration with VA Benefits
    5.1.8.   CSB/REDUX Costs and Benefits
    5.1.10.   Survivor Benefits Premium Worksheet
6.0.   Thrift Savings Plan

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